AZ Capital Management Ltd

AZ Capital Management Ltd, headquartered in Dublin, specialises in hedge fund management; the company, belonging to the Azimut Group, started operations in April 2007.
Hegde funds are investment vehicles targeting absolute returns, which can also use more flexible management techniques and hedging strategies (like short selling derivatives such as futures and options); these funds can also use the financial leverage.
These instruments are aimed at qualifying investors, fully aware of all potential risks including, for the sake of example, the loss of the money invested
The Azimut Group has a consolidated track record of more than 15 years in the asset management industry, with a specific expertise in developing and managing of total return products. The parent company Azimut Holding is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since July 2004.
In the Italian market, the Group has another company named Azimut Capital Management, which accounts for about 50% of market share for single manager hedge funds with assets in excess of € 0.6 billion.





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